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Organic Fucoidan

Based in Tasmania, Marinova is a progressive Australian biotechnology company focused on developing innovative medical and nutritional applications from marine plants, especially Fucoidan.



Maritech coldwater process

The Maritech coldwater and solvent-free process create high-purity and retains the molecular, bioactive properties of natural fucoidan.



ACO approved Fucoidan

Hand harvested highest quality of organic brown macro algae, approved by Australian Certified Organic.


Quality assurance

Marinova produces fucoidan products meeting HACCP, ISO9001, GMP, FDA, European pharmaceutical standards and Organic quality requirements. Purity test results by international independent analysis are also available.


Clinical Research

Marinova fucoidan products are well applied and studied in joint health, immune system and skin care fields with outstanding results.


The secret to retained health

Fucoidans, are water soluble food-grade fiber and a class of naturally-occurring sugar polymers found in certain species of brown seaweeds, classified as sulphated polysaccharides.


Supporting with patents

  • Anti Herpetic infections patent (US 7056520)
  • Anti Flu patent (61/306910, in applying).



Maritech process stands alone in its ability to extraction, and by modifying the linkages between the key sugars and altering the molecular weight and sulfation profiles create a range of high-purity, fucoidan extracts with proven efficacy in a wide applications range.

  • Nutraceutical : in capsule, tablets and liquid forms
  • Skin care: lotion, eyes cream, facial mask, shampoo, body shampoo
  • Others: pets food and aquaculture application



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